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Many people and organizations want to go from point A to B.

Sometimes the journey is not smooth and:

  • You Can't do it by yourself. 

  • You want to get there faster. 

  • You want a research-based approach that was done before. 

  • You want to hear from someone who has experienced it. 




+Done for you

Fast delivery. Good for infrequent situations with one-time solutions. You could be in a time crunch, and you need to outsource a project implementation or plan an initiative for your organization. If it's within my areas of expertise. I'll do it for you. 

+Done with you

A more sustainable approach to consulting. Where you will be learning in the process. We will assess things together, determine your priorities, and work together using my experience and expertise to implement a strategy that will help you reach your goals.

Example(s): proposal planning, drafting a policy.

Example(s): strategic planning, system/process creation, and implementation. 


+1:1 Coaching

I will help you improve your own performance by learning different strategies and tools to meet your objective. If you don't have an objective or a goal, we can set one together after assessing where you stand at the moment.

+Group Coaching

Teams can also struggle in meeting goals due to many reasons, including "how" the team is working. I can help your team move forward in the right direction, and accelerate learning with feedback loops, intentional skill-based tasking, and efficient communication strategies.

Example(s): transitioning to a new role, team management strategies, performance improvement.

Example(s): team bonding day, guided ideation, building safer spaces for growth, best practices simulations.


+Program Development

When a knowledge gap is identified as integral for you and your organization to meet its mission. I can break down the knowledge by designing a comprehensive program for your organization to acquire that knowledge and move to apply it through practice. 

+Speaking & Training

I can deliver insightful and motivational keynote speeches for your conference to share knowledge and practices or shed light on something new. I also can dig deeper deliver interactive training workshops where participants are able to interact with me, and each other to think, reflect and apply skills or knowledge gained to their areas.

Example(s): annual professional development curriculum plan and implementation.

Example(s): Keynote speech, panel discussions, workshops.



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