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Hamad Alghareeb

حمد الغريب

Hamad (they/he) is a queer-millennial immigrant, educational leader, and multilingual consultant who spent the last decade working in the Middle East, South America, and North America. They thrive by working with purpose-driven organizations to build human capacity to help people and organizations fulfill their missions. They build capacity through amplifying humanistic leadership, education, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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They invested the harvest of their diverse life and work experiences to start their own consulting practice (hey Hamad) in Albany NY to provide research-based consulting, training, and coaching services. Hamad’s work, expertise, and research interests center on continuous quality improvement of workplace culture and policies to empower marginalized identities. Hamad is currently working on writing a book to shed more light on intersectional lives.


Hamad is a member/alum of local and global schools, organizations, and programs, including The College of Saint Rose, State University of New York, New York Institute of Technology, University of Bahrain, University of Cambridge, AIESEC, Fulbright Scholar, Department of State Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), National Society of Leadership & Success, New Leaders Council Fellow. Hamad’s current focus is organic and collective community building in Albany, NY where they currently reside, which includes their professionally compensated work in addition to teaching/tutoring Arabic classes to language learners and leading a queer family support group.

Values & Guiding Principals



Me: Genuine to self, others, work, and engagement interests.
You: Genuine purposeful work. 



Me: We are all leaders of our own lives. We all have different potentials, needs, and capacities.
 Working as an individual and a collective to your capacity.


Social Justice

Me: Social justice is not a stand-alone issue, it is a part of all my work.
 Choosing to advance social justice.

Worked with

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