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What if all adults disappeared?

A fun-filled program delivered to youth between the age of 6-10 years old at the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs apart from the summer camp. The inspiration for this program came from my personal experience with my 9-year-old nephew who wasn't able to fix himself a cheese sandwich when his parents weren't home. 


Students learn various academic and social skills at school but the given the nature of some parents, they don't get the chance to practice life skills that they are capable of performing at their age. This training program focuses on enhancing students independence through daily activities and routines focus self-care, problem-solving, decision making and home management to prepare students to be productive future citizens of our 21st society




Self- care

Basic human needs

Difference between needs and wants

Problem Solving & Decision making

Pros & Cons

Steps to decision making

Time Management

Calendar & Time tables

Priority lists

Money Management

Budgeting & Saving

Price comparison 

Home Management

Cleaning & Personal hygiene

Food & Cooking

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