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Majra Resume Consultation Space

Majra is a Bahrain based Startup that is on a mission to reduce youth unemployment but with a twist.They believe that every person should have a right to live a career that is built on passion and fulfillment, and every aspect of the experience of Majra is tailored to achieve that goal. If you haven't visited you definitely should today! 

I had the chance to dust off my college and career counseling skills that I haven't used for a couple of years and utilize them in providing job seekers with insights on how to improve their resume, cover letters, and job hunt. Some of the common resume mistakes that I have noticed included too many pages, unnecessary details and the wrong use of verbs. The Majra resume format which I personally agree with promote using three bullets describing the job, with the emphasis on showcasing the job seekers' achievements in a measurable fashion. Majra also has great resources like their article feed that showcases many great stories and articles on how to be a better job applicant or employee. Click Here for a short article that I wrote on how to improve your cover letter in only four easy steps!



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