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3 Reasons NOT to attend New York State for Youth Success Annual Conference

1- You hate learning.

Many of you were not going to attend the conference due to travel expenses. Now that it's going online, that eliminates the travel expenses. Also, some of the workshops are going to be recorded, so that means you will be learning on your own time!

2- You don't want to progress in your career.

What's a better way to come back with a certification under your belt? Or more knowledge in general? It is going to help you progress in your career and hopefully earn that raise, which you've been reluctant to ask for.

3- You don't want to explore distance learning.

COVID19 or not, the world is moving virtual, and you want to keep up. This is the chance to get a taste of the online learning everyone has been talking about. Many university degrees are going online, and it is easier for full-time workers like us to study on their own time.

Come online, attend NYS Network for Youth Success Annual Conference, and let's have some fun!

For more info, click on the link below

For more info, click on the link below


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