Masoolia Youth Volunteering Program

Masoolia youth volunteering program came in as an administrative solution proposed by myself and work colleague Latifa Mutaywea  to the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs lack of staffing during the peak operational periods (spring & summer camps). The idea of the program is to utilize university students and recent graduates' skills to provide 500+ youth training opportunities during the camps. At the same time provide the university students and recent graduate a practical hands-on training and experience that they would benefit from. Ideally, the program works as a platform for young adults to gain work experience and enhance their work readiness.





Guided reflection sessions by youth specialists

One-to-one coaching sessions



Interactive training workshops

Practical communication with MYS staff, teachers, students and parents


Volunteer role simulation

Fulfilling volunteering team duties and tasks


After the screening and recruitment process, the volunteers were trained in multiple areas (as shown in the diagram above) and later were placed in volunteering opportunities supervised by youth development specialist. Once the volunteer accumulated enough training and working hours and they are able to move forward to the next stage that allows them to take up more operational responsibilities and lead other volunteers. Eventually, these young adults would be great candidates in the pipeline to be youth development professionals at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.







Training Hours

40 Hours

80 Hours

100 Hours

Volunteering Hours

300 Hours

600 Hours

1000 Hours