Growing up, I found my traditional schooling to be a bit boring and sometimes irrelevant. I thrived on extracurricular activities, after-school programs and summer camps that gave me the choice of what to learn and had a more hands-on learning approach. After exploring my skills, passions, motivations and career options, I challenged myself with a career shift towards education with a purpose to make learning more relevant and enjoyable. I believe that students learn differently and they are only waiting for someone to unlock their learning potential so that they would be productive and responsible global citizens. We live in an ever-changing world, and that requires our educational systems, schools, and policies to keep up with the change to help students for relevant real-world success. Want to learn more about my story? Check out this extended version.



Educational Leadership & Administration Experience

After teaching for a while, I learned the significant impact that education can have on people's lives. Wanting to reach students beyond my classroom led me to be an educational administrator, and get involved in the policy-making process that affects teaching and learning. Unlike common beliefs, I believe that policymakers are not only educational administrators and leaders. I think the community as a whole is responsible for creating policies. That includes students, teachers, parents, community-based organizations, schools and institutions at large. For education to be the fundamental solution to our world's issues, our educational systems need to step up the pace of change to match the speed of change and development of our society.


Organizations I work(ed) with

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Teaching Experience 

I have had the pleasure of experiencing teaching different learning stages at different types of organizations like at high schools, community-based organizations, private institutions, and universities. I enjoy reversing the classroom, co-teaching, integrated teaching, classroom discussions, experiential learning and incorporating life skills into my lesson plans. I do not have any favorite age or key-stage to teach, I enjoyed teaching all learners despite their age or level. My youngest student was 4 years old, and my oldest student was 67 years old! After gaining extensive experience in the field of education, I would love to return to the classroom and participate in the learning process of our future educators and educational leaders. 

Organizations I taught at


Education, Certification & Training

I consider myself a lifelong learner who would never stop seeking offered education from life or institutions. I am currently pursuing a Master's in Education with a concentration in Educational Leadership and a Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in School Building Leadership (SBL). Later, I aim to sit for the New York State Certification Exams SDL and be an NYS Certified School Building Leader. My research interests are urban and minority Pre-K-12 education, experiential learning, and organizational development. Feel free to download my resume to learn about credentials that I have earned in the past. 

Institutions & organizations I studied or train(ed) at

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